First Plenary – Chuck Sandy ~ The Heart of Education

Chuck Sandy is a teacher, teacher trainer, author and educational activist. Some of us also know him as the founder of iTDi.

I must say it was an amazing talk which made me think and rethink after the session. It was unusual and that’s why it deserves an unusual reflection. I will list the most important phrases, thoughts from the conference as I can’t write it as a report.

Will you be my monuments?

Chuck Sandy started the session with a poem

as long a

go as now

you be my


by Cid Corman

and he said his motto is “I can’t do this but I’m doing it anyway.” And added, “In the process of doing it I find out.”

This way he was setting the scene for the next two days and also advising us to accept what we have by saying,

“Whoever comes are the right people

Whatever happens is the only thing that could happen.”

He started with a slideshow with a song in the background written by his son and the song inspired him for the talk.

He went on by asking, ”What change do you want to see in the world?” then he gave the answer “ be change!”

“You are not alone”

Do you still think people are either success or failure?

He pointed out that this how we see education “a downward spiral”.  However,

“We can plan but things can go wrong”

“Someone touches us and everything changes. This is possibility. There is no success there is no failure. There is no end. It is a circle.”

Education is not a downward spiral, it has no beginning and no ending says Chuck Sandy.Image from his presentation

Education is not a downward spiral, it has no beginning and no ending says Chuck Sandy.
Image from his presentation

He also suggested that we connect

Connect means something different now and Connecting is not enough. He said PLN is very important. Once you connect, you have to think what contribution you will make to that connection.

In the end the participants were Chuck’s “monuments” thinking about:

  • Connect
  • Share
  • Contribute
  • Believe
  • Be a mentor

In short


Eva Buyuksimkesyan for British Council Roving Reporters Team.