Some pictures from poster presentation session


                            Deren Basak Akman & Mufit Senel
       Independent Learners with Virtual Classrooms
              The aim of the study is to use Voki, Web 2.0 tool to practise speaking in target language. Voki is discussed to weigh up pros and cons of it to  practise speaking in target language.


  Esma Asuman Eray (Isik University)
         Class Wikis: promoting learning and collaboration
          The presentation was about “wiki” and the use of them in language teaching environments. Reflections taken from students were also shared.


                    Sevim Acikgoz (Istanbul Bilgi University)
                                    Digital Storytelling
          Sevim showed us how to use digital storytelling through web technologies.


                                      Ali Bostancioglu (University of York)
    EFL Teachers’ technological professional development through online communities of practice          

          This study is his PhD topic. The aim of this presentation is to compare and contrast different types of online communities of practice (OCoPs)and their impacts on EFL teachers.


                         Irem Islim (Bahcesehir University)
Integration of Web-Quest Tool Into College Level EFL Academic Writing Classes
       The aim of the presentation is to depict how Web-Quest can be used in college level EFL academic writing classes to build the background knowledge the students need on the topics and the critical thinking abilities.  

Gülnur Sahin for British Council Roving Reporters Team.


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