Concurrent Session – Cecilia Lemos ~Technology in the ELT classroom: friend or foe?

Cecilia Lemos talking about using technology in class

Cecilia Lemos talking about using technology in class

Cecilia Lemos started her session with some definitions of technology and stated that technology is great and it helps the teacher a lot.

There are so many things we are exposed to and we sometimes feel we are drowning. Although technology makes the impossible possible as it

  • Saves time (save lesson plans, archive things, edit later)
  • Engage students
  • Promotes students autonomy
  • Gives the students a new skill

it can also be a foe

  • The result is smaller than the effort
  • Raises stress levels/ affective filters
  • For show

Some questions to consider:

  • Is technology going to improve the teaching or the learning intended in the lesson?
  • Is technology already known to students and teachers?
  • Am I thinking of the task and results before the tool?
  • Is the technology working/ easily available?

In the final part of her talk, Cecilia reminded that technology is just a tool.

It can be either be a friend or foe.

She also pointed out that the same technology doesn’t work for everyone

She advised the teachers to experiment, experience and reflect

And If everything has failed ‘Keep calm and teach on’

Eva Buyuksimkesyan for British Council Roving Reporters Team.


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