The Heart of Education- Chuck Sandy(ITDI)


      Chuck Sandy, the cofounder of International Teacher Devolopment Institute, mentioned how he opened up his communication channels by using facebook. He described facebook as his hammer to connect people. To him, ‘connect’ has a different meaning like the meaning of classical music for Benjamin Zander, the conductor, from Chuck told us that he wanted to connect people deeply. He wanted us to analyse our contribution for this connection. Could we step back enough to listen?

     Chuck, shared the app called paper 53 with us. It is an app for making paper. Besides, he gave us brief information about iTDi. There, the people come together to learn something together. His message was that we should keep our eyes open for possibility. Education is not the downward spiral. It is not only two way to go, up and down. There is circle, there is possibility and we need possibility.

     Gülnur Sahin for British Council Roving Reporters Team.


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