Blending, extending and bridging language learning in the digital age – Gary Motteram (British Council)


       Gary Motteram, the senior lecturer in Education at the University of Manchester, was one of the plenary speakers of Day one at Yildiz Central Campus.   
       Gary shared the idea that having the technology in our hands for our teaching is much better than putting it out of classroom.  with his speech, Gary helped us face the contradiction between not letting students use mobile phones and spending a lot of money to encourage teachers to use technology in classes.                  

      People learn through seeing language or seeing mistakes and correcting them.   Technology is something like seeing the language and noticing the mistakes with the help of technology. Fun fiction; digital games can also help teachers engage students in learning. If we can join a community of practice of language learners, language speakers, language users around the world, they you can use skills effectively. With technology we can reach all these authentic resources, so we can not ignore technology.    
       To put it in a nutshell, technology plays a role in language teaching but the teacher makes it happen. Depending on teachers’ beliefs, the things work or don’t work in class.

Gülnur Sahin for British Council Roving Reporters Team.


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