M-learning from start to finish with Mark Pegrum

IMG_2984Mark Pegrum’s concurrent session entitled “From start to finish: mobile technologies and language learning” examined the terrain of mobile handheld technologies and showcased some learner-centred, innovative and creative web tools and applications.

These web tools and applications ranged from podcasts (which stood on the simple, less technologically straightforward side of the spectrum) to QR codes, geosocialnetworking and augmented reality (which are pedagogically and conceptually classified as more sophisticated). Mark’s session was highly informative and interesting because he also provided the audience with suggested in class tasks that could accompany this wide array of mobile technologies. For example, possible uses of polling was outlined and before this presentation it never occurred to me that polling could be used as a pre-reading activity to create a student-generated list of target vocabulary list.

The presenter kindly shared his presentation. You can access it HERE.ScreenHunter_01 Dec. 01 21.36


Thanks a lot for this highly inspirational session Mark Pegrum.


Asli Lidice Gokturk Saglam for British Council Roving Reporters Team



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